HWC Early Childhood Manual
Handle With Care has developed an Early Childhood Manual for Pre-school and Early Elementary School Children.  If you are a HWC agency caring for this age-group, we are emailing all of our current school contacts a copy of this Manual for distribution. If you have any comments or technical questions, contact us at (845) 255-4031 or info@handlewithcare.com
Robert Wood Johnson Behavioral Health's Kirby Jones Award
Each year Robert Wood Johnson Health hands out awards to our staff for outstanding efforts and performance throughout the year.  One of our most sought after recognitions is the Kirby Jones Award that acknowledges our best de-escalator.  Last year it was presented to officer James Jordan who has continued to step up and perform at a mentor level.  All the officers presented with this award are selected  to attend the HWC trainer class so they can feel the impact of Kirby 1st hand. We are more than grateful that Kirby sets such an example for our team and I stand by the fact that he changes everyone that he comes in contact with.  This year, Kirby presented his award to the RWJ team member for the values that he instills.