Mohave County’s Paul Hernandez, a HWC Instructor, named state Detention Officer of the Year

Paul Hernandez, a Mohave County Detention Officer and HWC Instructor named “Officer of the Year” by the Arizona Chief Probation Officers Association.

Paul has worked at Juvenile Detention for six years,” Juvenile Detention Supervisor Craig Lee said. “He has been a JDO II for about four years. Hernandez has been recognized for his work at Mohave County and “now he has won Detention Officer of the Year for the entire state,” Lee said. “He is a great officer and a great person. The kids really respect him. Even when they are being disciplined, they understand and they look up to him for his guidance.”

Hernandez is also the Juvenile Detention Center’s gang liaison officer for Gang Intelligence and Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) and is a certified Handle With Care instructor.

Hernandez credits his bosses for establishing quality leadership. “I give thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Lee, who nominated me,” he said. “It starts with him. He is the one I learn from. He is my teacher/mentor. I take what I learn from him and pass it on. I want everyone to be able to be a great officer. It all starts from the top. I also thank (Administrator) Ms. Sheila Flipse, (Assistant Chief Probation Officer) Ms. Elaine Grissom and Mr. Darrell Reeves. And my coworkers are great.

Congratulations from HWC to Officer Hernandez for his professionalism, dedication, and devotion to duty. An officer who goes the extra mile to see a job well done and set an example for all to emulate.