Instructor Certification

Handle With Care Instructor Certification Program allows the facility to have a certified Handle With Care trainer on staff that is capable of training the rest of its staff in Handle With Care’s Verbal Program and Basic Physical program.

Our Instructor Certification Program is a true “train the trainer” program.  We take a core group of your most talented staff and teach them methods of instruction that provoke thoughtful participation including:

  • a well defined lead and co-trainer teaching protocol that maintains an orderly and safe training environment
  • “verbal counts” and guided movement methods that keep making the task of correcting a student’s physical technique simple.
  • a “spotting system” that enables your certified instructors to teach the physical restraint components to your direct care staff safely

Handle With Care training incorporates training techniques designed to maximize adult learning. We use and train teaching techniques like verbal counts, repetition, discussion, and guided movement methods to promote confidence, motivation, retention and the transference of information. After completing the course, Instructors will be able to demonstrate and teach HWC’s program, answer questions, maintain a safe training environment, and tailor HWC’s program to meet the needs of your facility.

The Handle With Care System is fully documented in our Verbal Manual, Participant Manual, Instructor Manual and Instructor Video, which are included with the training (at no extra cost).  Your instructors have unlimited access to phone and online technical support.