We offer highly specialized training that teaches the safest and most powerful verbal and physical intervention methods in the history of the industry.

Teaching the most effective verbal & physical restraint strategies for over 30 years
Practical & Effective
HWC consists of practical easy-to-learn techniques and methods that have been tested and proven to work with the most challenging children and adults, including those with special cognitive, emotional and/or physical needs, including autism, pregnancy, limb amputations, congenital deformities, brain injury, cardiac and respiratory issues. Learn More
Approved by medical & forensic experts
HWC was initially created for the doctors and nursing staff at Pennsylvania Hospital. Today HWC is being taught and used every day at some of the most prestigious hospitals throughout the U.S.  HWC’s physical holding technology is painless and orthopedically correct.  No stress is ever placed on the developing bones and joints of children and adolescents nor the fragile bones and joints of geriatric patients.  HWC technology represents the least restrictive way you can safely and effectively manage someone who is aggressive, suicidal or out of control.
Patented & Proprietary
Over 40 years of continuous research, development and practical application have made HWC the safest and most powerful verbal and physical intervention system in the world.  HWC’s proprietary single-person holding method, the Primary Restraint Technique® (or PRT®) is the first and only physical technique of any kind ever granted a Patent by the U.S. Patent Office (“Apparatus and method for safely maintaining a restraining hold on a person”).  The PRT has standing, seated, prone and supine configurations to satisfy your State’s laws and regulatory demands.  Our specially engineered therapeutic hold for smaller children enables an adult to manage and safely hold episodically violent children as young as three.
Definitive vs. Tentative Touch
HWC Creates a Calm Mind Faster. Tentative touch overstimulates, excites and further agitates.  HWC’s holding methods are engineered to be definitive,comfortable and secure. When your staff is confident and well trained in HWC’s verbal de-escalation and physical holding methods, you will experience a significant reduction in the overall number of restraints, a reduction in physical holding times and a reduction in injuries to all concerned.  Our holding methods for children and adults communicate calmness, and produce a more rapid return to a calm mind state, emotional homeostasis and equilibrium.
24/7 support
Real problems and questions deserve real solutions and real answers when you  need them. When you choose HWC, you become a member of our family.  Both, you and your Licensor have direct access to the person who actually created HWC for any technical questions, training questions or “how to” questions posed to us by phone or by email - 24/7. We are experts at “frame-by-frame” video and/or incident analysis for any critical event, incident or investigation.  We can provide expert testimony if it is ever needed for a civil or criminal proceeding. Teaching the most effective verbal & physical restraint strategies for over 30 years.
Reduction in number of restraints & injuries
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"I recommend HWC because students are treated with the utmost respect, even in situations when restraint is necessary. Additionally, staff knows there is a way to handle such situations and do not feel a sense of helplessness."
Vice Principal, Chalone Peaks MS (CA)
"We love the Handle with Care program and are very thankful to have such a strong program for our staff to be trained in."
Program Director, Windsor County Youth Services (VT)
"I recommend HWC because…the techniques work! Students are safer because they aware that their explosive behavior will not be tolerated."
SPED Director, Winslow Unified School District (AZ)