Our Commitment

HWC dedicated to creating a universal perception of physical and psychological safety in your classroom or milieu by teaching preventative actions that result in a decrease in conflict and the need for physical restraint.

  • It is impossible for you as an individual or organization to offer quality treatment, education and learning unless you feel safe.
  • It is equally impossible for your students or clients to become enriched and successful with what your offer unless they feel safe.

Handle With Care is committed to teaching staff how to deal with a behaviorally challenged population in a way that preserves the client’s dignity and is safe.  Our goal is to help you create and promote a safer and more caring environment that is conducive to treatment and learning.

The training Handle With care provides will:

  • Promote the goal of “least restrictive” while meeting the “real safety needs” of the most vulnerable and high-risk children and adults under your care, treatment and education.
  • Satisfy all of your duties, obligations and requirements in accordance with State and Federal law and all of the regulations under which you are licensed to operate.
  • Preserve the dignity of your student, client or patient during his or her worst behavioral moments
  • Enhance and consolidate your relationship with the ultimate goal of preventing future conflict and promoting growth.

As a company, Handle with Care will:

  • Be ethical, honest and forthright in fulfilling every commitment we make
  • Stand by you and our training and methods if you are ever challenged
  • Provide technical support on any issue within our scope of expertise

For more information contact us: Tel: 845-255-4031; E-mail: info@handlewithcare.com