Instructor Access

Instructor Access is temporarily suspended


The second phase of our new website launch is a completely customized customer relationship management (“CRM”) system.  We are about 4 months away from launching.  The CRM will enable you to access your training records, manage your training schedule, register multiple persons from your organization, request information, certificates, verification of hours and many other features.

NOTICE:  During the transition we have to suspend all instructor access to the website.  The new site has different security and login requirements so we cannot simply transfer over the current instructor information.  When the transition to the new CRM system is complete (about 4 months) you will receive an email with your new login and password information.  After which you can set up your instructor account in the new system.

In the interim, if you need anything, email ( or call (845-255-4031).

We are very excited about the soon to be released Customer Relationship Management Portal which will allow us to be more integrated and connected to our instructors and clients.

Thank you for your support of HWC.

Handle With Care Team