The best place for the child is generally their own home.  Handle With Care believes that parents deserve the same quality programming and specialized training that is provided to the professionals and paraprofessionals who routinely provide services to their children.

Parents raising children in a family home have very different needs and resources than an organizational environment.  Generally there is only one or two adults present in the household at any given time.  Given the scarcity of adults, parents need intervention methods that allows them to manage violent, aggressive and out of control behavior with only one or two people.

Our physical intervention training enables parents to manage an entire spectrum of ages from small child tantrums to dangerous situations with children in their teenage or adult years.  HWC’s interventions, both verbal and physical, are designed so that they enhance and consolidate relationships.  An intervention, verbal or physical, done properly is done “for” someone and not “to” someone.  This distinction is critically important and basic to HWC’s philosophy.

Handle With Care is committed to providing training parents, and we offer steep discounts to make training affordable.

Our decision to include parents in HWC seminars is a moral and ethical decision based on four decades of experience empowering human beings with the ability to protect themselves and those they love. Handle With Care will work with and may provide financial assistance for those parents and foster parents in need of this training who truly cannot afford it.


  • On-Site Training: If there are a group of parents needing training, HWC sends a trainer to you.
  • Seminar Training:  Parents can attend one of our seminars


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