Geriatric & Rehab

Handle With Care is used at organizations serving the elderly including nursing homes and developmental disabilities across the country.  Handle With Care teaches staff to confidently, safely, manage serious challenging behaviors by an elderly population of clients.

An elderly client population presents unique problems as geriatric clients have a susceptibility to certain types of injuries including fractures, balance issues and joint injuries. Handle With Care’s physical intervention program is uniquely appropriate for an elderly population as HWC engages a torso restraint thus the risk of joint injuries is severely reduced.  Also HWC’s interventions can be effectively used in a standing or seated position making takedowns unnecessary which minimizes the risk of falling or becoming off balance.

HWC interventions are based on extensive research including over ten years of research and developing in a leading Pennsylvania Hospital in the prevention and reduction of challenging behavior.

HWC offers two training options:

On-Site Training

An HWC trainer can go to your facility and provide training for your staff.

Seminar Training

Your organization can send staff to one HWC’s seminars.

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