HWC Virtual Refresher for Instructors & Client Organizations on Extensions
Date: Tentative Date Feb. 8, 2022. Time 10AM - 12:00 PM EST
Price: $0.00
Handle With Care is offering a virtual review of the HWC Instructor Certification Program for Certified Instructors who are on extended extensions of longer than 4 months.   The facilitator for the refresher is HWC President & Founder, Bruce Chapman.   This review is NOT a substitute for in-person training.  It is an overall review of the Instructor notes for teaching each Module of HWC's Instructor Manual.  It is a stopgap measure for client-organizations and HWC Instructors on extensions who are not able to attend or host an in-person training due to COVID.  
    • Your Instructor Manual is mandatory to attend.
    • Have your questions ready.
  The virtual refresher will cover a review of:  
    • HWC's Philosophy
    • HWC's verbal program including the Tension/Tension Reduction Cycle and Solid Object Relationship Model along with some Q& A and interactive exercises.
    • Q&A session of any issues that have arisen during the year
    • Restraint Policies, Procedures and Standards
    • Classroom management: Class size, Trainer tasks, Time management
    • Person Defense: Escapes, Blocks, Counts, Personal Space, Non-Defensive Posture  and Common Mistakes.
    • Physical Restraint: Standing PRT and the “Empty Handed Takedown Drill” and  safety precautions and protocols contained in Module 7 of the Instructor Manual.  PRT, Standing, Seated and Floor, PRT Advisory, Tripod Modification and Supine Holds
    • Escorts
    • Letting Go and Life Space Interview (debrief)
  The virtual refresher does not extend any extensions already provided. All extensions granted have been with the condition that the client-organization ensures that its Instructors and users are proficient and that the Instructors and users themselves are comfortable with the extension of their use and/or Instructor Certification.   Attendance will be limited.  We will hold additional sessions if needed. Email info@handlewithcare.com if you need a link to the refresher training.