We want you - HWC Content Cooperative


Want to have your services featured or articles published on Handle With Care?

Here’s How –

We are launching a content cooperative that allows YOU to share your expertise, gain tons of exposure and get paid.


If you have content you want published and shared in the Education, Social Services, and Healthcare community – contact us. If your content is published on our blog we will pay you $50.

When we accept new content we reserve the right to edit, proof, produce or add graphics or images.  HWC reserves unlimited non-exclusive licensing to the content provided or will reserve copyright under a work for hire agreement.  

Currently we are especially looking for instructional articles and video in ABA, CBT, and PBIS.

We are also asking our clients for:
  • Statistics and impact of HWC’s program at your facility including restraint and injury statistics.
  • Impact of restraint laws on the number of restraints, injuries and use of law enforcement at your facility or school.
  • Testimonials
We also want to be responsive to our clients needs.  For instance, in light of the wave of state legislation, we have embarked on a Q & A Webinar series on the law and the use of restraint and seclusion in schools. We are also going to provide video showing how people who serve others in human services and education stay strong, recharge, stay engaged and care for themselves.
If there is content you would to see on our site, please contact us with your suggestions.