The compliments keep coming. See below for Kyle's response.

Compliment for HWC Master Trainer Kyle Withers,

“I just wanted to let you know that at my school today, I had to utilze my verbal deescalation and relationship skills with a student.  Unfortunately the student was unable to keep himself safe on his own, so I used the modified child restraint to help keep him safe.

I was so glad that not only was I there when the situation occurred, but that I had the skills from Handle With Care this week to help keep a student safe.

Just wanted to let you know and say thank you once again!

M.O. – School Social Worker

HWC and the PRT is the best thing invented since sliced bread, canned beer, and those very lightweight door stops. 😀 Emails like the one above are my true compensation, and I feel so very fortunate and honored to still be allowed to spread such a valuable philosophy and be a part of something so magical.

– Kyle Withers, HWC Master Trainer