"Since implementing HWC, our company is much better informed with handling all of our issues. I believe our biggest takeaway from HWC is the verbal talk down. I would highly recommend your training system HWC to all of our partners in the health care system."
Anthony G.
Director, Catch, Inc. Community Behavioral Health & DD
"We use HWC every day and could not do our jobs without it. I would recommend HWC because…it is the best crisis management program out there."
Director, Heart 2 Heart 4 Autism
"I highly recommend this training/organization for anyone that works with children. I recommend HWC because you don’t know how bad you need it, until you need it."
Nicholas T.
Teacher, Mineola K12 Schools
"I recommend HWC because it is effective, and considers the student's emotional and physical well-being."
Sarah M.
Social Worker, Livingston Parish Public Schools
"I recommend HWC because…the techniques work! Students are safer because they aware that their explosive behavior will not be tolerated."
SPED Director, Winslow Unified School District (AZ)
"I recommend HWC because students are treated with the utmost respect, even in situations when restraint is necessary. Additionally, staff knows there is a way to handle such situations and do not feel a sense of helplessness."
Vice Principal, Chalone Peaks MS (CA)
"De-escalation strategies have always been something our staff are trained in, but tagging that with HWC makes a lot of sense. I also am no longer afraid of children's behavior because of this training. I have the confidence that I will know how to handle a situation when before the training, it was a little unclear."
Special Educator, Elementary & Middle School (VT)
"We are a residential counseling center for struggling teens. We switched to Handle with Care for our crisis intervention and physical restraint needs over 10 years ago. Since switching, we have decreased our physical restraints to about 5 per year. Our staff feel more confident and prepared to handle crisis situations and are equipped to recognize and de-escalate situations before physical restraint becomes necessary."
Director, Residential Center for Struggling Teens
"We work at a school for children and youth on the autism spectrum. HWC works well into our model of building trusting relationships and creating limitations and boundaries for our students to be safe and well-regulated every day."
Karen & Katie
Policy Analyst/Principal & Teacher, New Heights School and Learning Services (Canada)
"We love the Handle with Care program and are very thankful to have such a strong program for our staff to be trained in."
Program Director, Windsor County Youth Services (VT)