SC. Officer throws student in South Carolina classroom arrest

Sadly, this video demonstrates what happens when teachers and school administrators become so disempowered that they feel it necessary to call the police to manage a fairly simple act of defiance to a legitimate request.  Two well-trained teachers could have managed this student’s behavior with far less force than the Deputy Sheriff.

She was acting as a passive resister and was clearly playing to her peers. Rather than fighting to remove this student from her seat, HWC would have advised the school to consider two other options: 1) slowly (and without anger) slide the student and her desk into the hall; closing and locking the door behind her or 2) leave her in her seat and move the rest of the class to another room.

In both cases, she would have been left with adult supervision (but without her peer audience) to answer to whatever thoughtful and appropriate behavioral consequences had been prescribed in her IEP/IBP for defiant behavior.