Modified PRT for Smaller Children


If a small child is in a modified PRT, is it within the realm of Handle With Care to do this intervention using the corner for support?


Yes.  It is always appropriate to utilize additional staff and/or walls, corners of walls,  etc., to help maintain stability and the integrity of the modified PRT.

Unlike HWC’s PRT prone and supine configurations, “Settle Position” PRTs and Modified PRTs for Smaller Children (or any other seated hold taught by any other vendor) are inherently unstable because of their higher center of gravity.

It is imperative that staff members who perform a hold while in a seated  or kneeling position take whatever reasonable and appropriate measures are necessary to keep an upright seated hold stable.  In 1998 the Hartford Currant accurately identified the inherently fatal malfunction mode of the “basket hold” when it destabilizes while in it’s seated configuration.  We/HWC identified it’s malfunction mode the year before.

While the Modified PRT for Smaller Children is a distinctly different hold without the same engineering problems as the basket hold, the lesson that should be learned by everyone is that every seated hold, regardless of its origin, must be kept upright and stable to insure it’s integrity.  Moreover, staff should not hesitate to offer other assistance with respect to stabilizing the legs, preventing head butting, pinching etc.