Kirby's HWC Story: A plane, a meltdown, a PRT and an "I love you"

When boarding for my flight to Indiana, there was a family that had an autistic child and he was experiencing explosive disorder/assaulting.  The pilots and staff were in panic mode!!  The parents were crying (child was head butting , biting etc.).  After asking if they needed some assistance they said, “yes!!”

I went into HWC’s physical intervention, then our verbal de-escalation!!! It was like a Picasso painting!!! Lol!! The folks on the plane clapped!!! United Air gave me a voucher for 100.00! The family wanted me to fly all the way to Texas with them.  But, the best part was when it was over the kid put his arms around me and told me that he loves me!!!  I was too through!!!

This is the part in our HWC manual when the kid says, “at some point when I’m out of control, I want staff to be able to demonstrate that they can bring me back under control!!!!”

I’m here to testify!

Kirby :).

PS. The kid was 15yrs old


Response from HWC Trainer, Walt Piszchala after hearing the story.

Kirby…I was not surprised when I received this e-mail. You are touching lives each and every day. God has a plan for all of us and you my friend are truly fulfilling you destiny. Just think what might have happened to this family if you were not there to assist them. They could have been placed on a no flight list or worst the police could have been called in. I will remember to relate this story to all my classes that I teach as the Gold Standard that we all strive to become! Walt