Head thrashing in a PRT


A teacher is asking me how to hold some ones head in the modified PRT.  I have told her that is not a part of Handle with Care and not to do it but she says the students is bashing his head against them and hurting himself and them.  What should I tell her?  Any ideas on how to help her and the student?


I’m not sure how or why you came to believe that protecting the student’s head is contrary to HWC protocol.  It’s a vitally important piece of our protocol.

You can place a hand(s) against the back of his head andor either side as a buffer without forcing his head forward or sideways.  You can also place a pillow or cushion between him and the person holding him.  Don’t restrain his head.  Buffer excessive movement.

Finally, you should revisit whether the Modified PRT has enough mechanical advantage for this particular student.  If the hold has integrity and the only problem is his head thrashing, it’s up to you to make sure neither he nor you will get injured.