HWC's Empty-handed take down exercise


Is the empty hand take down going through the movements with out having someone in a PRT?

BTW: My staff said this is the best method that they have been trained in for handling clients.


Yes. The empty hand take-down is the most important exercise you have your students do before you begin spotting for them with a live person. It is used to 1) establish the correct step sequence of the PRT takedown. 2) It can also be used any time you encounter confusion with a student about the correct sequence when you are spotting for them. Finally, 3) You use it to identify any student with a pre existing medical, orthopedic or some other issue that would preclude them from attempting a takedown with a live person.

Every HWC student performing a takedown with a person during training MUST be properly “spotted” for and the takedown count that you use with them MUST be the takedown count you were taught. It is in the Instructor Manual (“Deep Step Back” etc.)

In short, If they cannot do the Empty Handed Takedown Drill comfortably, they should not attempt a takedown with a person.