COVID-19 Prevention Guidance Regarding Restraint Procedures

To HWC Client-Agency,

We get frequent requests from HWC-trained agencies for guidance on training and implementing safety protocols regarding restraint procedures which are appropriate for Covid-19.

We occasionally see something that’s important, very well thought-out and worthy of passing on. Vermont Children, Youth & Family Services/Washington County Mental Health Services published a document entitled “COVID-19 Prevention Guidance Regarding Restraint Procedures in Community Setting with Children & Adolescents” that we believe is worthy of consideration especially if your licensor or State has not published similar guidance.

Please note that Vermont has fewer Covid cases than other States.  We ask you to apply your own judgement based on what you know about the situation in your own State/County/Organization and to defer to your State and County Guidelines if they conflict with the guidance given by Vermont.

Handle With Care