Austistic Child Wants To Be Held


We have a student that is significantly strong.   The kid is Autistic and we believe that he desires the holds for deep pressure and he is requesting to go to the floor on his stomach with face against the floor.   I have never experienced this but suspect that is what is done at home.    We could use any ideas or recommendations that you may have.


I think you’re absolutely correct in your assumption that he’s craving deep pressure stimulation.  It explains why the PRT in our prone configuration produces a calm mind state so quickly. The obvious problem is, you don’t want to reward aberrant behavior.

My best advice to interrupt the potential acting out = deep pressure reward cycle is to top load him with a “non PRT” deep pressure reward during his most appropriate moments and/or as a reward when he succeeds at a task, etc.; as a reinforcement or inducer.

You don’t give his age, size and level of function and I’m not sure how to introduce this suggestion with this particular student.