Juvenile Justice

Handle With Care been training youth care workers in juvenile justice since 1985.

The field of Juvenile Justice encompasses a wide range of services and levels of security with children as young as 10 and as old as 20.  Handle With Care is the only crisis intervention system with the safety, power and versatility to adapt to the unique demands of every juvenile in your care.  Handle With Care has an international reputation for teaching the safest and most powerful verbal and physical intervention methods in the history of the child care and education industry.  There are well over one hundred thousand Handle With Care practitioners working with adults and children in some of the most challenging environments in the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe.

Handle With Care is currently used in U.S.  juvenile facilities including courts, detention, probation, county, city and state facilities in over 40 states.

Handle With Care teaches:

  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Behavior management
  • Relationship Models
  • Positive Interventions and Limit Setting
  • Personal Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Physical Restraint: standing, wall, seated and floor
  • Escort
  • Handcuffing
  • Special Interventions: breaking up fights, pregnant females, medical or other orthopedic or health restrictions, managing small children or youth, therapeutic use of seclusion and/or mechanical restraints (where applicable)
  • Handcuffing (where applicable)

For more secure juvenile facilities HWC has specialized interventions included in the PLUS program.  These interventions include:

  • Non-lethal personal defense and defense of others techniques not taught in HWC.
  • High speed takedown
  • Training a specialized intervention or CERT team for room extraction: with and without shield
  • Non-lethal weapon disarms (with and without shield)
  • Additional restraint and control techniques not taught in HWC i.e. for larger youth and handcuffing off of these additional restraint and control techniques
  • Additional escort techniques not taught in HWC i.e. for larger youth

HWC offers two training options:

On-Site Training

An HWC trainer can go to your facility and provide training for your staff.

Seminar Training

Your organization can send staff to one HWC’s seminars.

For more information contact us: Tel: 845-255-4031; E-mail: [email protected]


After evaluating training provided by five vendors providing services to the state {it was determined that] HWC is the sole vendor who can provide [DFY with] the services required.

Judith Blair, Director of Training, NYS Division for Youth (NY)