The role of a school is part educator, part protector and part parent.  Unlike parents who generally care for two or three children, schools assume the roles of protector, nurturer and educator for 10 or 20 students at a time in class and thousands of students school and district-wide.  Schools are entrusted with the responsibility of serving the needs of 50 million k-12 students attending over 130,000 schools.

In order to make schools work, it is essential that teachers and educational staff be given the tools necessary to create a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

Handle With Care has been providing training for school staff on how to manage student populations from pre-k12 since 1985.

Current Issues Facing Schools:  Managing the school-to-prison pipeline and out-of-control classrooms.

With the advent of additional police and security officer presence in schools coupled with unduly restrictive intervention policies, a situation is arising at many schools where either the classroom is out of control, and/or law enforcement is being called for disturbances that historically have been handled by school staff.  If your school is encountering similar situations, call or email us.

Some statistics:

  • 4 out of 5 violent incidents involve ONLY students.
  • There are approximately 1 million violent crimes in schools annually.
  • 5-7% of grade 9-12 students do not attend school or a school event because they are afraid.
  • 25% of public schools report daily and weekly bullying incidents
  • Special education students consist of about 14% of the total student population and it is projected that this group will soon represent 25% of the student population
  • Special education students while representing 14% of the total student population committed (according to studies) approximately 40% of all threatening incidents at school.

Schools we train and Testimonials

In 2001, Handle With Care was chosen by New York State Union of Teachers (NYSUT) as the behavior management training program that best met the needs expressed during teacher focus groups.  Prior to deciding on Handle With Care, NYSUT hired a consultant to help search for behavior management and restraint training programs that would meet the needs of members and conform to state standards.   In feedback from the NYSUT training participants stated,

“[HWC] makes you feel a lot more equipped to handle a situation. . . .More and more, we see kids use violence to stop problems.  This training is very helpful to be proactive.”

HWC has been extensively evaluated by leading forensic (forensic pathologists) experts, state policy makers, chief medical examiners, law enforcement, schools, doctors, nurses, paraprofessionals, licensed social workers, teachers, principals, superintendents, state approval boards in Juvenile Justice, Education, Human and Family Services.  HWC has also been reviewed by Dr. Michael Baden, formerly the chief medical examiner for NYS and arguably the foremost forensic (pathologist) authority in the United States.

HWC’s proprietary holding method, the Primary Restraint Technique®  or PRT® is patented for its safeguards to prevent positional asphyxia. These safeguards are additionally designed to prevent any other type of medical emergency.

Handle With Care training complies with all Federal and State laws and regulations including ADA, IDEA, 504, HHS Departmental Appeals Board Decisions, CMS regulations, the U.S. Constitution and Supreme and Circuit Court Decisions.


  • On-Site Training: HWC sends a trainer to you
  • Seminar Training:  Your facility sends people to one of our seminars

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