Handle With Care is dedicated to providing training to parents and foster parents.

We believe that parents deserve the same quality programming and specialized training that is provided to the professionals and paraprofessionals who routinely provide services to their children.  Knowing how to manage a combative child without inflicting an injury requires training.

Since the best place for the child is generally their own home.   Handle With Care’s mission is to provide training to natural and foster parents on how to behaviorally manage a child to keep them and others safe.  Most if not all other programs will not train natural parents.

Our decision to include parents in HWC seminars is a moral and ethical decision based on four decades of experience empowering human beings with the ability to protect themselves and those they love.  Our holding methods are engineered to enhance and consolidate your relationship.  It is something that is done “for�? someone and not “to�? someone.  This distinction is critically important and basic to HWC’s philosophy.

HWC’s verbal program and self-assessment exercises are designed to help a parent reflect upon his or her inclinations or tendencies toward ‘under reacting’ or ‘over reacting’, especially during crisis situations.  Our role playing exercises help parents re calibrate their tendencies and reactions in order to behave more appropriately and therapeutically before, during and after the event.  Our physical intervention training enables someone to manage extremely dangerous situations in the least restrictive manner possible without inflicting pain or injury while simultaneously preserving the parental relationship and the safety and dignity of the child.

HWC is deeply committed to training parents in the same quality programming as we do human service workers who provide therapeutic or educational services to special needs children in institutions and schools.  We feel so strongly about this issue that we have been offering training to parents at our seminars for a fraction of what we charge an organization

Handle With Care will work with and may provide financial assistance for those parents and foster parents in need of this training who truly cannot afford it.

Contact us for more information at Tel: 845-255-4031 or E-mail: [email protected].