Oklahoma School Restraint Law

21 O.S. §844. Ordinary force for discipline of children permitted.

    • Nothing contained in this act shall prohibit any parent, teacher or other person from using ordinary force as a means of discipline, including but not limited to spanking, switching or paddling.

51 O.S. §155. Exemptions from liability. The state or a political subdivision shall not be liable if a loss or claim results from:

    •  The use of necessary and reasonable force by a school district employee to control and discipline a student during the time the student is in attendance or in transit to and from the school, or any other function authorized by the school district;

70 O.S. §6-113.1. Effective classroom discipline techniques.

    • The State Department of Education shall provide each local board of education materials dealing with effective classroom discipline techniques as an alternative to the use of corporal punishment.

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